1. Open a match from the matchlist.
  2. Go to Tips tab.
  3. Click on Create new tip button.
  4. Click on a Odds.
  5. Fill out the fields and submit.

    Notice: It’s not possible to create tips for all leagues, but most of them.
The prizes can be different for each  month. To check the prizes for current month, check the leaderboard page.
The predictions are calculated by the teams perfomance based on last 5 or 10 matches. So example if Hometeam has played 80% +2,5 goals, and awayteam has played 60% +2,5 goals based on last 5/10 matches, then the prediction will show as 70% AVG.
Our stats is updating once daily, so after a match has played, the stats of both teams will look different next day, because the match result has affected the teams stats (stats for last 5/10 matches).

Therefore it doesn’t make sense to look back in calendar, since it will show the predictions / stats based of the newest stats, and not the stats of the matchday.

Our stats is updating once daily, so stats should be up to date always. Some times we could experience some wrong stats and we can’t guarantee that our data provider has made some mistakes. 

There are few leagues and teams, which have no stats/data. Mostly it will be in the cards stats in lower leagues. 

BTTS = Both teams to score AVG = Average
1H = 1st half
2H = 2nd half

Monthly subscription: €15 / month.
Yearly subscription: €89 / year, SAVE 50%.

The data we are serving is expensive and we keep developing the site to make it even better, which costs money. That’s why we have created a subscription to support our development, so we can keep the high level on the site.

We do not offer free trial for now.

Our payment is through Paypal and we accept most cards. The membership works as a subscription, so the amount will be paid automatically every period, if you haven’t cancelled the subscription.

Go to My membership page from the menu and choose the new subscription you want to upgrade/downgrade to.

Go to My membership page and simply click on the red Cancel button. Your membership will still be active until expiration date. 

You can also cancel auto payment on Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/myaccount/autopay/ 

When changing timezone, it will show the match time in the selected timezone. 

Change the timezone by clicking on User menu and Edit profile

There you can choose the timezone in the dropdown. The option is only available for logged in users.

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