1. Login and go to Edit profile.
  2. Select your timezone and click save.
  3. If it still doesn’t work, please contact us. 
  1. Open a match from the matchlist.
  2. Go to Tips tab.
  3. Click on Create new tip button.
  4. Click on a Odds.
  5. Fill out the fields and submit. Note: It’s not possible to create tips for all leagues, but most of them.

The prizes can vary each month. To view the prizes for the current month, please visit the leaderboard page.

The predictions are calculated based on the teams’ performance in their last 5 or 10 matches. For example, if the home team has had 80% of their matches with over 2.5 goals, and the away team has had 60% of their matches with over 2.5 goals in their respective last 5/10 matches, the prediction will be displayed as an average of 70%.

Our stats are updated once daily, so after a match has been played, the stats of both teams will look different the next day. This is because the match result has affected the teams’ stats, specifically for the last 5/10 matches.

Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to refer back to the calendar since it will display predictions and stats based on the most recent data, rather than the stats from the specific match day.

Our stats are updated once daily, ensuring that they are always up to date. However, there may be instances where incorrect stats are displayed, as we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our data provider. We apologize for any inconsistencies that may arise due to potential errors from our data provider.

There are a few leagues and teams for which we do not have available stats or data. This is more common in lower leagues, particularly in the cards stats.

When changing the timezone, the match time will be displayed in the selected timezone.

To change the timezone, click on the User menu and select “Edit profile.”

From there, you can choose the desired timezone from the dropdown menu. Please note that this option is only available for logged-in users.

BTTS = Both teams to score
AVG = Average
1H = 1st half
2H = 2nd half

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