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What is top stats?

The "Top stats" page provides a clear and detailed summary of how teams are doing in specific areas, focusing on their last 5 or 10 games. This helps users see how teams are currently performing, rather than looking at their performance over a long time.

A key feature of the "Top stats" page is that it updates dynamically to show only teams that will play in the next 5 days. This means the information is up-to-date and relevant for upcoming games, which is great for making predictions.

Users can choose from over 30 different markets, like wins/losses, goals scored, and more, to get the exact information they're interested in. This allows for a customized analysis based on what users care about.

The page is designed to easily show which teams are doing the best and worst in each market chosen. This makes it easier to quickly see how teams compare and to spot potential surprises or leading teams in upcoming games. By highlighting these differences, the "Top stats" page helps users quickly understand important trends and team capabilities.

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