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Customize the match list as you wish by selecting markets in the filter, and get a quick overview of today’s matches and the team stats in each market. We support over 200 leagues and tournaments worldwide and offer over 40 markets.

Stats based predictions

We compare all matches of the day and present predictions based on each team’s latest performance. We sort them by the highest average percentage so that you can easily see which matches have the highest potential in each market

All stats in one place

When clicking on a match, you will get all the stats you need, including team stats, league stats, player stats, referee stats, over/under stats, goals/corners/cards stats, in-match stats, head-to-head records, predictions, user tips, and much more.

How to use?



Get the fastest overview of today’s matches in our match list. Select your market filters and check all the team stats for each market.

Filters to choose from:

  • W, D, L
  • Form
  • +/-  0,5 – 4,5 goals
  • BTTS
  • BTTS & +2,5 goals
  • +/- 0,5 – 2,5 – 1st & 2nd half
  • 1X2 – 1st & 2nd half
  • Most goals in 1H, 2H, X
  • Odds (1×2, o/u, btts, dc)
  • Scored +1, +2, +3
  • Conceded +1, +2, +3
  • 1st goal scored
  • Scored both halves
  • Scored AVG
  • Cleansheet
  • +/- 6,5 – 12,5 corners
  • Corners AVG
  • +/- 0,5 – 5,5 cards
  • Cards AVG


Based on the two teams’ stats, we show predictions with the highest average percentage for each market. Therefore, you can easily check which match has the highest average percentage for each market.

In the example image, “+2.5 goals” is active, so based on today’s matches, the Esbjerg – Nykøbing match has the highest average percentage based on the last five matches.

Markets to choose from:

  • Home win, draw, away win
  • Form
  • +/-  0,5 – 4,5 goals
  • BTTS
  • +/- 0,5 – 2,5 1st half & 2nd half goals
  • +/- 6,5 – 12,5 corners
  • +/- 0,5 – 5,5 cards
  • Scored +1, +2, +3
  • Conceded+1, +2, +3
  • Scored both halves
  • Most goals in 1H, 2H or X

Profitable user tips

Get access to profitable user tips. Many users are competing to become the best tipster each month. Check the leaderboard and see which users are the most profitable, and view their latest tips.

Tips competition

Create your own tips and become the best tipster of the month! We payout cash prizes totaling €300 every month, and it is free to compete and does not require a premium membership.

League stats

Check detailed league stats in a great overview based on overall, home, and away stats.

We support the following markets:

  • League table
  • Form table
  • O/U goals
  • BTTS
  • BTTS & +2,5 goals
  • Cleansheets
  • Penalties
  • 1st & 2nd half o/u
  • 1st half 1X2
  • Scored goals AVG.
  • Conceded goals AVG.
  • Scored / conceded +1, +2, +3
  • O/U corners
  • O/U cards
  • AVG. league stats.
player stats betting stats

Player stats

Check the top list of goals, assists, yellow cards, and red cards in the league.

Alternatively, you can check the highest goal-scorer, assists made, yellow cards given, and red cards given between the two teams.

Referee stats

Check the referee’s performance for the league in average stats such as yellow cards per match, yellow cards given, red cards given, and penalties given.

We also provide an overview of the referee’s most recent ten matches where we specify the performance for each match.

1st half & 2nd half stats

Besides full-time stats, we also support stats by the 1st half and 2nd half, such as win-draw-loss, goals, and over/under stats.

In-match stats

For both teams, you can check how they have performed in-match based on their last five and ten matches, such as average stats per match like possession, goals scored, goals conceded, shots taken, corners given, cards given, and offside.

Select favorite leagues

You can easily add or remove leagues as favorites by clicking on the yellow star. Select your favorite leagues, and they will always show at the top of the matchlist, and the matches will be expanded by default.

Change and save filters

You can easily add or remove filters by clicking on the checkboxes for the matchlist. Your chosen filters will be saved when you are logged in, so you don’t have to change the filters every time you visit our website.



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