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August 2023

1st place


2nd place


3rd place


1. Age requirement: +18.
2. Min. odds 1.40 per tip.
3. Max. odds 10.00 per tip.
4. Max 10 tips on each day.
5. Max 1 tip per match.
6. Create at least 30 tips per month to win prizes.
7. Do not create tips with purpose, where the odds is wrong.
8. Do not create tips on matches which has started or finished.
9. Users with negative profit can’t win prizes even though they end in top 3.
10. Users with more than -500 profit can’t create tips for the rest of the month.
11. Only 1 account per person. It is not allowed to have multiple accounts.
12. Accounts with username as advertising or inappropriate will be deleted.

If somehow these rules are disrespected and we caught any cheating, it can cause deleted tips (won tips), exclusion from BettingStats.org or the user will not qualify the prizes.

Edit/delete tips
It is not possible to edit or delete tips, so check your tip carefully, before clicking on the create tip button.

Suspended matches
If a match is suspended, then we will delete the tip, if the match is not played within 72 hours.

Tips review
All tips are getting updated every 1-2 hours. Some tips might be delayed.

Wrong result or calculation
Since it is all working automatically, there might be some wrong results sometimes.
If so, please contact us and we will edit it.

Calculation of profit
The profit is calculated by the stake you are selecting when creating the tips.
If won = (stake * odds) - stake
If loss = - stake

All winners will be contacted on e-mail right after the month is over.
The 1st place for each month will get a next to the username in the user page and leaderboard.

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